Core Strategy Development Tools

A library of tools based on industry good practices that meet varying needs in the strategy development process.


The Market Attractiveness – Business Strength Matrix

For companies with multiple business units – whether they offer a variety of products or cover diverse geographies, or both – making strategy decisions can be complex. The Market Attractiveness – Business Strength Matrix helps simplify the process of defining future growth strategies with a segmentation framework that factors in all business units and encourages discussion about alternative strategic choices.

Market Attractiveness

Note: General Electric and McKinsey originated this 9-box matrix in 1970, originally known as the GE Matrix.


Business Model Canvas

In today’s environment, companies often face some sort of market disruption. Whether that’s starting a new line of business or adapting to changing consumer demands and appetites like the newspaper industry, it requires re-thinking or creating new business models. The Business Model Canvas helps you develop a description and rationale for creating, delivering and capturing value in your business model.

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Business Model Canvas

Note: Based on The Business Model Generation Handbook written by Aleander Ostenwalder & Yves Pigneur. The concept has been applied and tested globally, and is being used by many leading companies.


Portfolio of Opportunities Matrix

When companies have reached the stage where they have agreed on their strategy objectives and are starting to work out how they will get from where they are now to where they want to be in five years, we introduce the Portfolio of Opportunities Matrix. We’ve found in order to make achieving a strategy manageable, it is necessary to break that strategy down into a portfolio of opportunities. By considering the time and knowledge needed, the portfolio of individual opportunities can be managed as a whole to help you address the level of uncertainty and inherent risk that exists when making changes in strategic direction.

Portfolio of Opportunities Matrix


Note: Concept introduced by McKinsey & Co.


“We were looking for a consulting firm to provide us with an outside perspective on one of our new product ventures that was not meeting our expectations. Albu Consulting prepared a thorough and thoughtful business analysis of the situation and recommended pragmatic solutions that we took action on immediately.”
— Cindi Bigelow, President, R.C. Bigelow, Inc.
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