KeyneLinkWeb™ Strategy Execution Management System

Integrate your company’s strategic vision and initiatives with the daily activities of employees across your entire organization for a bottom-up approach to execution with KeyneLinkWeb™


KeyneLinkWeb™ Strategy Execution Management System

KeyneLinkWeb is a web-based application that helps bridge the gap between strategy and execution by:

  • Tracking progress towards initiatives and goals with at-a-glance reporting
  • Making it easier for managers and employees to communicate effectively
  • Uncovering inconsistencies between employee perceptions and reality
  • Identifying performance trends and encouraging collaboration
  • Creating a culture of accountability focused on results


“Albu Consulting’s follow through was complete, but not overbearing, allowing us to work and develop at our own speed.”
 — Alexander S. Guida III, Chairman, Guida’s Milk & Ice Cream
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