Strategy Execution

Execution starts by translating strategy into action plans and follows through with measuring and monitoring progress – allowing you to adapt to changes in the business environment to realize the value of your strategy.


Two-thirds of businesses fail to achieve the targets they set out in their strategy*, mainly because they don’t have any strategy execution system in place. While getting buy-in from employees and managers in strategy development is important, it’s critical that the execution of that strategy becomes an integral part of everyone’s ongoing responsibilities and fundamental to how you make business decisions.

Albu Consulting helps you make this happen by creating a structure that allows you to:

  • Clearly and continuously communicate your strategy throughout the organization
  • Align day-to-day activities to the vision mapped out in your strategy
  • Engage employees at every level of your organization to work toward a common goal

Our objective is to leave you with a repeatable and predictable strategy execution system that ensures the hard work you put into developing your strategy is not a wasted effort.

“When we were introduced to Albu Consulting, it didn’t take long to realize that their business experience was sound, and even better, their work style fit well with the personalities of our management team. They adapted to our culture quickly, got control of the project very fast and were always available when needed. Because of our relationship with Albu Consulting, we are enjoying very favorable results.”
— Miguel Lugo, Director of Finance, Goya Foods Inc.
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*The Execution Premium by Norton and Kaplan