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What is Your Organization’s Execution Intelligence?

Our clients are all smart.  They understand their respective business inside and out, but occasionally we encounter a very smart executive that lacks XQ.  According to teleseminar guru Alex Mandossian, developing your XQ involves several key points:

  • “Don’t focus on complex solutions or even elegant ones. Sometimes we get too mired in details to see the logical end. Complicating your progress is counterproductive.”
  • “Execution intelligence forces you to zero in on answers that are pure action. Don’t stall in the thinking stage. That’s when you get bogged down in meetings, memos, and reinventing the wheel, and never reach a conclusion.”
  • “Don’t spend all your time chasing the wrong rainbow. If you determine that a project will not work like you thought it would, let it go. Knowing when to throw in the towel is also a form of execution intelligence.”

Our experience would support all three of these statements. Strategy execution needs to remain simple and flexible to adapt to new learning as progress is being made toward achieving strategic objectives. And if a strategy isn’t working as expected, let it go and move on. Don’t waste time and resources on trying to make something successful that will not work. 

At Albu Consulting, we have committed ourselves to helping our clients develop XQ. Strategy execution is an organizational skill that can and should be learned and will raise your XQ and set you apart from the competition. Let us know if you feel your company has the XQ required to meet and exceed your goals.  Please share this blog with you friends and associates as you see fit.


“Organizations that execute with excellence focus on very few clear objectives and align the focus of every worker and work group to those few goals…Got smart people? Got a vision? Good for you. Now, what about your XQ?” Dr. Stephen Covey

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