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Is Your Strategic Plan Failing?

Ten Guiding Principles That Will Get Your Growth Strategy Back on Track

It is a well documented fact that 80% of strategic plans fail to realize their value. If you’ve invested in developing a strategic plan and wondered why it is not producing the results you expected, you might consider some of these guiding principles to put you back on track.

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Business Success Comes in “3-Ps”

Whether you are a mid-market, privately-held business or a Fortune 500 corporation, success depends on three key factors:

1. How good is your PLAN?

2. How committed are you to a PROCESS to pursue your goals?

3. How committed are your PEOPLE to staying focused and on task

until your goals are achieved?

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Winning at Acquisition

The Proactive Approach

A good acquisition made at the right time in a company’s life cycle can propel a business forward, significantly accelerating sales and earnings growth. Your approach, experience and commitment to the acquisition search process can decide the difference between success and failure.

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