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Four Steps to Become More Focused and Successful

Successful team sports are a result of developing unity and structure around teammates.   Successful coaches set clear game strategies that capitalize on the collective strengths of all the players.  As a result, the unity between coach and players provides a winning advantage over their competition. 

The same disciplined approach should translate into your organization.  In our experience, it is not unusual to encounter leadership teams that are chasing a number of opportunities with little regard for the capabilities required to be successful.  They had lost sight of, and become misaligned to, what the company did really well.  This lack of discipline adds complexity and undermines a company’s ability to win in the market.  It’s the role of leadership teams to redirect the organizations energies and resources toward reinforcing what they do so well through focusing on their winning advantage. 

Generally, executives find it a struggle to make sure their day-to-day decisions are in line with their strategy.  Often resources are not allocated in a way that supports the build of current and future strengths.  What can you do to become more focused and successful?  Consider these four key steps:

  1. Get a solid understanding of what your company does really well. What are your true strengths? What capabilities drive these strengths? Do these strengths and associated capabilities differentiate your business from competitors and allow you to win in the market?
  2. Focus your resources on the capabilities that underlie your strengths. Be ruthless and even obsessive about resourcing these core capabilities.  Resist the temptation to jump at investments and initiatives that are not aligned with your strengths.
  3. Build capabilities that intensify your strengths. Invest in skills, knowledge, processes, and systems that reinforce your organization’s ability to create value over the long-term.
  4. Clearly and consistently communicate your strategy. By successfully communicating the coherence of the company’s strengths, capabilities, products and services, you will set a clear strategy for your team to capitalize and win in your field of play.

Bottom line, understand your strengths and leverage them. Companies that stay focused and invest in what they do best will improve overall performance and increase their business value faster and more consistently.    

Are you staying focused on your strengths?  We would like to hear from you, and fell free to share this article with your friends and associates as you see fit.

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