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Strategy Requires Three Bones

I recently came across a quote from country music singer Reba McEntire. Ms. McEntire is quoted as saying, “to succeed in life, you need three things: wishbone, backbone and funny bone.” As in life, in business these three bones can also be guiding principles to defining and developing successful strategy.

A WISHBONE is for a well-defined strategy, providing clear direction to the organization with specific objectives. What do you and your team wish for in the future? What does success look like? Dream big! Shoot for the stars!

You need the BACKBONE to make your strategy reality. You need the courage and commitment to stay the course over the long term, driving toward your vision. This isn’t always easy because you will constantly be challenged by obstacles thrown in your path. Strong leadership committed to the success of the strategy is a key factor for success. You will need to have backbone to keep driving toward your objectives.

The FUNNYBONE is needed to ensure you enjoy your work and the extraordinary people that are a part of your personal and work life. Enjoy the wonderful journey to a better place for your company, the shareholders and employees. Celebrate success. Laugh at mistakes. It is all part of the path to sustained profitable growth.

At Albu Consulting, we are dedicated to make a positive difference in the lives of owners, families and their employees through strategy management. We pack these three “BONES” in our toolbox and bring them with us to each and every client. Let us know how these bones could be of value to your business.

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