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One Game at a Time Gets You the PRIZE

There is something very special about great athletes and coaches at any level. They never lose sight of their long term goal. It’s a driving passion to achieve the prize at the end of the season that keeps them going. That passion provides each player the energy to work hard to win the next game, knowing that their efforts will bring them one step closer to the ultimate trophy they aspire to win.

What does this have to do with strategy? Actually, there are important lessons we can learn that can impact your company’s success. Too often the short term needs of a company overshadow its long term goals. The “noise” of the moment drains resources and distracts management so much that they forget about the ultimate “trophy” the company is aspiring to achieve over the long term. Success depends upon whether the company has developed and communicated the goals in such a way that everyone in the organization is aligned behind them. If there is no “trophy” the organization can get passionate about, it’s probably going to be difficult to get excited about activities needed to get there.

This is where strategic planning and strategy management play such an important role in any organization’s success. Keep the following points in mind:

  •  Get everyone in the organization passionate about achieving the ultimate “trophy.” Then, be sure every key strategic initiative you embark on is linked to achieving the goal. As in golf, each hole a golfer plays has an impact on the overall outcome of the match. People need to understand how each strategic initiative they commit to is linked to the greater long term good of the company. Each short term success brings them closer to the ultimate goal.
  • Recognize that as markets, competitors and customers change, strategy needs to adapt to those changes. Basketball teams change their strategies, put in new plays, and adapt as needed to win each game. Your organization needs to be flexible, adapting strategy to market realities, without losing sight of the long term.

If you don’t have a strategic plan in place, most likely you don’t have a clear long term goal for your organization to focus on. Albu Consulting can help you develop your long term strategy and create a management system to execute strategy successfully. Give me a call for a free consultation

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