Strategy execution for privately-held and family businesses

Strategy Execution

Two-thirds of businesses fail to achieve the targets they set out in their strategy. *  Are you achieving the results you want? If not, you are probably lacking in strategy execution capabilities.

* “Various surveys over the past two decades indicate that 60% to 80% of companies fall far short of the targets expressed in their strategic plans.” – Norton & Kaplan – from the book “The Execution Premium”

Albu Consulting’s goal is to help you establish strategy execution as an organizational competency that will lay the foundation for long term sustainable growth. We understand the challenges CEO’s and their leadership teams face. The execution of your strategy is a dynamic process which needs to be continuous and a part of everyone’s day to day responsibilities.

Does the following scenario sound familiar?
The CEO and his managers develop the organization’s strategy. Individuals are assigned the goals that they have to meet, and get on with their daily responsibilities. The end of the year rolls around and everyone frantically retrieves the list of goals they were to have accomplished. Some may have gotten accomplished, but others have fallen by the wayside. The result…a failed strategy because execution management was non-existent.

Managing strategy execution is the key to successful organizational performance, and strategy-driven execution is the key to organizational greatness.

Execution of the strategy must be owned by the CEO and his leadership team. Execution starts with translating strategy into action plans and continues with measuring, monitoring progress, and adapting to changes in the environment as necessary to achieve your vision.

Once a strategy is developed, ensuring that the strategy is executed requires three essential ingredients:

  • Clarity: Clearly and continuously communicated to the overall organization.
  • Alignment: Linking the organization’s activities to the vision and strategic objectives is crucial to the success of the strategy.
  • Engagement: Gaining commitment (buy-in) to the strategy is essential for success.

We believe strategy execution can be your competitive advantage. It is a powerful capability that allows an organization to consistently complete initiatives and achieve its strategic objectives. 

We can deploy a number of strategy execution systems that can support specific needs.