Strategy development for private and family-owned businesses

Strategy Development

Do you have a strategy that will guide your business decisions to sustained profitable growth over the long term?  In working with dozens of private and family-owned businesses, Albu Consulting has refined the process of creating a robust strategy for over 20 years. Our goal is to help owners, CEOs, and their leadership teams embrace a strategy that will focus on laying the foundation for sustainable long term sales and earnings growth

Businesses are facing an ever more challenging external environment with greater competition, more demanding customers, and more government regulations. Today, being an externally focused business leader is more important than ever. Albu Consulting’s focus and expertise is in helping Owners, CEOs and their leadership teams recognize market signals that will affect their business. Through our disciplined and proven strategy development process, we help you increase the value of your business and enhance the management decision making process.

  • Leverage your unique strengths and focus resources on the highest value strategies, while eliminating wasted time and money on low priority activities.
  • Make better decisions more often, with more confidence over the long term, to successfully achieve the results you want and expect.

Albu Consulting’s success in facilitating strategic planning comes from practical operating experience and working with dozens of middle market private businesses. Our proprietary methodology is structured around helping you:

  • Think strategically and provide leadership by setting a clear direction.
  • Align the organization’s activities against meaningful short and long-term goals.
  • Gain commitment from managers and employees on the company’s strategic direction.
  • Remain flexible, making adjustments to the strategy as real world events change.

Summary of our strategy development process

Phase I: Discovery – Business Assessment

  • Internal and external business Assessment – Company, customer and competitive review.

Phase II: Strategy Formulation

  • Develop a well-designed, comprehensive strategic plan that explicitly communicates the long term aspirations of the business.

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