Business strategy for private and family businesses

Strategy Management for Private and Family Businesses

Like so many of our clients, you have likely faced one or more of the many challenges that Albu Consulting has helped its clients solve.

  • Are you unclear about how to define the strategic direction of your company that will take you to the next level of growth?

  • Are you having difficulty driving consensus & “buy in” among the leadership team to the strategic direction?

  • Are you having trouble effectively communicating your strategy to employees so everyone in the organization makes strategy a part of their day-to-day responsibility?

Owners of private and family businesses select Albu Consulting as their partner to help improve performance and increase the value of their business today and tomorrow.  As a strategy management consulting firm, we specialize in helping business owners and management teams of privately held companies gain strategic focus by uniting Strategy Development and Strategy Execution as an integrated discipline. An integrated discipline is important because “strategy” is:

  • Dynamic… strategy needs to adapt to the unexpected. Markets, customers and competitors will change requiring prompt course corrections to ensure your business model will remain relevant.
  • Continuous… because strategy is dynamic, it needs a repeatable and predictable annual process that is reviewed monthly, quarterly and refreshed annually. By keeping strategy in front of everyone, it will become the foundation on which your organization will make better decisions with more confidence.
  • Collaborative… since strategy is continuous, it becomes a part of everyone’s day-to-day activities. By being actively involved in strategy development and execution, the level of employee engagement and commitment increases dramatically.

Like so many of our clients, you have likely faced one or more of the many challenges that Albu Consulting has helped its clients solve.

Our strategy management framework below illustrates Albu Consulting’s holistic approach to developing a robust strategy and establishing a strong strategy execution system.  This closed loop framework represents a twelve-month cycle.

Strategy Management Framework picture

Our strategy management framework is comprehensive, yet simple to understand.  It is comprised of four distinct phases:

Discover: a business assessment seeking understanding of the internal and external environment to identify potential strategic alternatives.

Plan: a strategy document is written that will explicitly define the strategic direction (Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives and Initiatives) and establish clear expectations.

Implement: to align the organization to the strategy, the leadership team needs to translate the strategy to action.  This is achieved by assigning accountability to key strategic goals and integrating the strategy into the operating plan.

Measure/Monitor: by tracking progress against key metrics, managers will test, learn and adapt current strategies and explore new emerging strategies as more information becomes available.

Our point of difference as a strategy consulting firm is the importance we place on integrating Strategy Development  and Strategy Execution. According to studies over the past two decades, 80% of companies fail to realize the full potential value of their strategic plan because they lack a disciplined strategy management process. Those companies that do deploy a strategy execution process out perform their peers. (Source: The Execution Premium by Norton and Kaplan). Our goal is to help our clients become one of the elite few that manage and achieve their strategic plan objectives.

Strategy Without Execution Is Useless…

…Execution Without Strategy Is Aimless

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